Jun 26, 2023 | Case Studies

Many know Villa Necchi Campiglioa 1930s residence now owned by the FAIsurrounded by a quiet garden in the centre of Milan, guardian of art masterpieces, where the cultured and lively atmosphere of the city between the wars is still intact.
The house in which the Milanese upper middle class family of Necchi Campiglio still offers guests the opportunity to relive the spirit of another era: sitting by the pool in the garden, strolling among the splendid magnolia trees or admiring the precious original furnishings of the Necchi Campiglio family and their rich art collection, one finds oneself immersed in an atmosphere of elegance, style and tranquillity.

We are pleased and proud to have helped bring back some of the accessories of this important family.

And what else could we have dealt with if not umbrellas?
Visiting the villa we encountered some fabulous specimens of the craftsmanship that once was and still can teach so much to those who know how to observe with attention and curiosity.
Noticing that these beautiful accessories were in need of renovation, we offered to carry it out strictly according to the instructions of the Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano, whose mission is to preserve as much as possible the lived-in aspect of the place it takes care of.

We are really satisfied with the result: we have restored four beautiful umbrellas, witnesses to the craftsmanship and style of an era, to a state of integrity and elegance that now matches well with the rest of the rooms in the villa. This too is history.
Thanks to the FAI people who assisted us with courtesy and helpfulness.

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