About us

our history

Appiani Agostino founded the company of the same name in 1963 together with his father Giulio, dedicating himself to metalworking (drawing, blanking, wire bending) with a focus on the rain umbrella accessories and - later - to the parasol accessories.

The company become an industry leader in just a few years and, following the evolution of technologies, gradually began to include the moulding of plastics and light alloys.

The knowledge developed over the years has subsequently enabled the company to expand processing techniquesthus also beginning to developing products in the childcare articles sector, consequently carving out a important place within the European market and becoming a benchmark for some innovative products.

Leveraging the knowledge acquired over the years and using the collaboration of external specialist partners for certain types of machining (prototyping, EDM, etc.), Appiani Agostino s.r.l. today follows the product development for the most diverse markets while maintaining everything related to the umbrella world as its 'core business'.


The company today

We are a small company that has been able to reinvent itself and adapt to the needs of the market by adding to its offer various customised articles which resulted in a enrichment in terms of research, knowledge and new technologies.

We have also become a reference point thanks to our ability to create proactive and mutually beneficial networks with customers and suppliers: therefore, while preserving the typical atmosphere of the craft enterprise, we have equipped ourselves with modern machinery to meet the demands the use of advanced technologies.

Among our customers we boast major companies in the handicraft and luxury umbrella sector, suppliers of resorts and top brands of children's articles (from pushchairs to children's bedrooms).

We also serve companies operating in the garden articles sector, public institutions and companies in many other sectors.

Production units

The company includes two production units totalling approximately 2000 square metres:

  • one unit is dedicated to the production of plastic parts (at number 7) 
  • the other houses offices, warehouse and the production part of the metal components (at number 6)

What we do

In our operating units located Sala al Barro (Galbiate, province of Lecco) we are able to take the best possible care of processing of metal strips, wires and tubes and moulding of plastics for the production of:

  • components for umbrellas and parasols
  • childcare articles
  • products and accessories for various sectors (cycle, garden furniture, aesthetics, etc.)

Using the latest 3D modelling software (such as RHINOCEROS) we design new components that can be produced in small, medium or large series.



To realise our products we are able to perform different processes.

Metal blanking and drawing

Thanks to the use of presses and punches we manufacture various products in series by working metal strips with a thickness ranging between 0.2 mm and 3 mm. We also have a hydraulic press for the metal tube processing.

Plastic moulding

We design and implement moulds for hot injection of plastics. We produce by moulding components composed of different categories of polymers, for example:

  • polyamide
  • polyamide with glass fibre
  • ABS, polyethylene
  • PVC

We take care of all moulding process from polymer drying to mould conditioning/humidification; we also have a humidification chamber.

Wire bending

Using automatic presses and also through the support of external partners for more specific jobs, We manufacture various products by shaping wires with diameters ranging from 0.3 mm to 10 mm.

Light alloy moulding

We have a large mould fleet for hot injection of light alloys (zamak).

Depending on the size of the object and the most suitable material, we are able to produce productions covering a wide range of applications.

Over the years we have patented a cot clamp, a pram umbrella attachment and components for beach umbrellas.

What they say about us

Newspaper article for the company's 60th anniversary

Newspaper article for the company's 60th anniversary

The umbrella factory is 50 years old

The umbrella factory is 50 years old



Lecco umbrellas used at the emperor's court

Lecco umbrellas used at the emperor's court



Prizes and Awards

Confartigianato Membership Loyalty Award

Confartigianato Membership Loyalty Award



Our company has also been recognised among the producers of 'Lake of Como'

and may use the relevant trade mark. For more information, please read thededicated article

Where to find us

Our offices are located at Via San Galdino 6 and 7 in Sala Al Barro di Galbiate (Lecco).