May 30, 2023 | Company

Appiani Agostino srl shares the view that the goal of business, today more than ever, should be to serve customers well, take care of employees, treat suppliers fairly and contribute effectively to the well-being of society and the preservation of the planet.

It is necessary to look at human, social and community capital as a sustainable form of investment.
That is why we have drafted our corporate social responsibility documentwhich we will strive to deepen and improve over time.

. Corporate Social Responsibility company is officially defined in 2001 by the European Community as 'the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their relations with their stakeholders'.

Citizens are becoming increasingly aware of and sensitive to the issue of sustainability, both economic and environmental, even in their consumption choices.
The value produced cannot remain only with the shareholders but must permeate everyone who contributes to producing it: employees and customers together with the whole company and the territory it inhabits. It is time to create shared value.