Case Study: Curtain conveyor for plastic moulding machines

May 23, 2022 | Case Studies

This project was developed with a prestigious Italian company that supplies tools for plastics processing.

These are workpiece conveyor curtains for plastic moulding machines and is specifically designed for :

  • For printers small and very small plastic artefacts
  • . avoid rejects and outliers due to the contact of parts with dirty surfaces
  • To keep the clean moulding department by limiting subsequent cleaning operations

Often in fact, in the extraction of artefacts, one encounters the problem of contain the pieces within the collection area due to the fast extraction cycles blowing up the pieces everywhere. The result in terms of efficiency and productivity is disastrous, especially in fields where the absolute cleanliness of manufactured goods such as food and medical.
Roll-up curtain conveyors are available in different sizes, with fixing tape and aluminium bar painted in black and are useful to prevent pieces from coming out sideways and getting oil on the columns and settling on dirty surfaces or on the ground.

Thanks to the webbing magnets, they are easy to apply to the machine and, if intervention is required inside the mould, simply detach the curtain from one side of the mould and fix it again after the intervention is complete.